What is a pedelec?

Blurby Bike electric bicycle is a type of ebikes called pedelec. So you might wonder what exactly does pedelec mean and how to do we know a bike is a pedelec. 

Here are the main features of a pedelec bike and a Blurby Bike pedelec.

- Pedelec bike is an electric bicycle where the bike is assisting and helping you with the pedalling. The motor starts working only after you use the pedals. 

- Inside the bike we have a hidden torque sensor. This sensor can sense how hard you are pedalling and will accordingly assist you more or less. 

- If the battery of a pedelec is dead or you just do not want to use it then you will be able to use it as a normal bicycle without any extra resistance while pedalling.

- Blurby Pedelec Bike is completely silent and considering that the battery is hidden in the frame then a bystander won't even understand that you are running a pedelec bike. 

- All pedelec bikes with 25km/h top speed are regulated like regular bicycles in Europe and can cycle everwhere the bicycles can cycle with all the same rules applying. 

All in all Blurby pedelec involves all the good parts of cycling like fresh air, exercise and stress release and removes the bad parts like being sweaty when you arrive to your destination. :)